InjectorCleaner sm R 12 oz INJECTOR CLEANERProlong Fuel Injector Cleaner is formulated to thoroughly clean injector tips and intake valves, removing clogging carbon deposits that cause misfiring and poor fuel economy. Periodic treatment restores an uninhibited spray pattern for optimum firing, essential to smooth, efficient operation. Prolong Fuel Injector Cleaner is compatible with all grades of gasoline.


Product Overview

  • Removes deposits and cleans injector tips and intake valves
  • Restores full fuel spray pattern for quick starts and fuel economy
  • Helps maximize air/fuel mixture for optimum power

MSDS: Download Fast Fuel™ Fuel Injector Cleaner Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

How to Use

FuelTreat HowTo 12 oz INJECTOR CLEANERProlong Fuel Injector Cleaner is fast and easy to use. Pour entire contents into a near empty gas tank, then fill. Treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline. Apply when you notice your vehicle misfiring, running rough, or getting poor gas mileage.

Available sizes

  • 12 oz. Bottle

Also available in Commercialsizes.


Coming Soon


I was using Arco gasoline in my Buick LaSabre (2000), as a savings option. My engine began to foul and the check engine light eventually came on I returned to the dealer and was informed that there is some particular additive in the Arco gasoline which is not compatible with the GMC injectors… the problem was addressed. Performance had not returned however, so needless to say I had been disappointed. When you sent the injector cleaner I felt anything would be worth a try. I followed the directions and I must say that I am most impressed with the product. The engine performance has returned as though it was new and the mileage has improved dramatically.

Thank you so much.
G. Craven, email

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